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New Eagle Scout Project site from Boy's Life. a repository of Eagle project ideas that could be a great starting place for a Scout looking for ideas.

The Eagle Project Showcase offers more than 100 ideas and examples of real Eagle Scout projects completed by Scouts. Each project includes a photo and details on the challenges faced in the completion of that particular project.


What do they mean by First Class -  First Year?

New Scouts should earn their First Class rank during their first year in the troop. By doing so, these new Scouts become contributors to the troop. During the first year the Scout works on Tenderfoot, Second and First Class requirements at the same time.  Then Star, Life and Eagle requirements.
You can use a form called First Class -- First Year Tracking sheet #34118 to keep track where you are on the Advancement Trail.

Scout Rank
Boy Scout Handbook pages 1-15.
Requirements Sign off Page 4.


Tenderfoot Rank
Boy Scout Handbook pages 31-61.
Requirements Sign off Page 32-33.


Second Class Rank
Boy Scout Handbook pages 63-109.
Requirements Sign off Page 64-65.


First Class Rank
Boy Scout Handbook pages 111-15
Requirements Sign off Page 112-165.


Now being active and Troop leadership positions round out the requirements for Rank Advancement.

Star Rank -- Active for 4 months and serve 4 months in a Troop leadership position as a 1st Class scout.
Boy Scout Handbook pages 169-175.
Requirements Sign off Page 177.


Life Rank -- Active for 6 months and serve 6 months in a Troop leadership position as a Star Scout.
Boy Scout Handbook pages 169-175
Requirements Sign off Page 178.


BSAC Eagle links 2017

BSA Age Guidelines for Tool Use and Work at Elevations or Excavations 680-028. pdf
BSAC Eagle Recomendation Letter_01-01-17.pdf
BSAC Eagle Scout Process Leader's Guide & FAQs_01-01-17.pdf
Eagle Rank Requirements Guidelines_01-01-17.pdf
The Paul Gillmor Family Eagle Scout Scholarship Application.pdf
Adams National Eagle Scout Service Project of the Year Award Application.pdf
National Eagle Scout Association (NESA)

Eagle Rank -- Active for 4 months and serve 4 months in a Troop leadership position as a Life Scout.
Boy Scout Handbook pages 169-183.
Requirements Sign off Page 180-181.


Eagle Palms -- Active for 3 months and serve 3 months in a Troop leadership position as an Eagle Scout or after the award of your last Palm.
Boy Scout Handbook pages 181.
Requirements Sign off Page 182-183.